Friday, June 29, 2012

Biden's 3rd Grade Essay: "My Fucking Summer Vacation"

SCRANTON, Pa. | by Robert Feeley - Vice President Joe Biden, in an unscripted moment during the signing of the health care bill told President Barack Obama: “This is a big fucking deal,” and once called an ice cream store owner a "smart ass."

SPN Headlines has learned that this type of crude language is nothing new for Biden and is in fact the continuation of a pattern of banal, blistering blasphemy which has characterized the life of this poignant, pathetic politico since his early childhood.

Biden's 3rd Grade teacher at Our Lady of Perpetual Trepidation Catholic School in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Sister Winifred Wildebeest told SPN that Biden was "a ribald, rowdy rogue who couldn't recite the Lord's Prayer with dropping the F-bomb." Sister Winifred recalled that she once implored the Archbishop to perform an exorcism on the profane, possessed pupil.

Sister Winifred saved some of Biden's homework and essays, abundant with expletives, thinking they might someday be needed by a police psychologist. She also showed SPN a Valentine's Day card Biden wrote and gave to a little girl in class. The inside of the card reads, "Hey little girl, you're looking nice. But wash your hair, you've got fucking head lice! Ha-Ha-Ha."

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