Thursday, October 3, 2013

Obama's New Health Care Czar is Dead

WASHINGTON, D.C. | by Robert Feeley - Amid all the chaos and confusion most Americans are experiencing regarding the future of their healthcare, the Obama administration today appointed Marcus Welby, M.D. as Czar of ObamaCare. White House spokesman Jay Carney made the startling announcement in the White House briefing room and unveiled several pro-ObamaCare posters featuring the beloved family physician.

"Americans are basically stupid," said Carney. "They need Dr. Welby to explain that ObamaCare is good for them, so they can go back to watching Honey Boo Boo, listening to rap music and taking drugs." Agitated and bewildered, Carney continued, "We know what's best for the people, so just shut the fuck up. And yes, that means you," he said, pointing to SPN reporter Erica Bazoombas.

When Bazoombas questioned Carney about the fact that Marcus Welby portrayer Robert Young died in 1998, she was quickly wrestled to the ground by Secret Service agents and taken away.  

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  1. Dr. Welty gave me an enema, it was great!