Sunday, June 27, 2010

President Names New Gulf Oil Spill Czar

Professor Howard
(Washington, D.C.) by Robert Feeley - SPN Headlines - President Obama has been able to deflect criticism for the slow cleanup in the Gulf, blaming former President Bush and his minions for most of the mess. Today Obama, a.k.a. the Teflon Trotskyist, named Professor Curly Howard as Czar of all Bush-related maladies, including the Gulf oil spill.

Dr. Howard demonstrates 
his "re-direction"technique.
Howard, Director of the Shemp Research Institute will employ an unorthodox methodology to end the crisis by re-directing the oil flow to some other location, like Cleveland. If that fails, Dr. Howard may consider an extremely dangerous maneuver he demonstrated in the Three Stooges episode Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise, where he literally sat on the gusher to stop the oil flow and saved the home of a destitute widow who had been swindled by greedy Republicans.

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  1. This is a fabulous appointment---I just know he will get this whole mess cleaned up just as soon as he figures who's on first, or is it third, no, maybe it's on second? I'm almost positive that he will find or make something that will immediately stop the oil leak--if nothing else,
    he will go down and sit on top of the pipe to block it up. I can't wait for that event!!!!!