Monday, June 24, 2013

Activists Demand U.S. Use "Green" Bullets

Washington, D.C. | by Erica Bazoombas - The danger of poisoning has prompted the removal of lead from toys, gasoline, and paint over the past several decades and now environmentalists say that that lead in bullets is polluting the planet  and must be replaced with "eco-friendly" materials.

The activist group Bothersome Liberals Against Most Everything (BLAME) has called on the U.S. armed forces to replace traditional ammunition with new "green" bullets. BLAME spokesperson Morgan Mushnik told SPN, "We don't give a shit if you shoot people, but please do it without harming Mother Earth."

The new bullets are being manufactured by Beatnik Ballistics LLC in El Segundo, California and are made of a soy and wheat germ mixture. "In addition to having a high velocity kill rate, they make a tasty snack," says company spokesman . A hand grenade the company is developing spreads good karma instead of shrapnel.

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