Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Unknown Leads in Nevada Senate Race

(Las Vegas, NV.) by Robert Feeley - The race for U.S. Senator from Nevada has been plunged into chaos as a heretofore unknown candidate suddenly vaulted into the lead according to a new poll. The Uncle Rico Institute released the findings of an intensive poll taken over the past three weeks showing that Pedro, a reclusive high-school dropout with no last name, has moved into first place with 124% of respondents saying they will vote for him. Harry Reid dropped to negative 14% and Sharron Angle received minus 10%.

Republican and Tea Party favorite Angle reacted to the news, saying, "Pedro....hmmm....he sounds Asian." Senate majority leader Reid told SPN, "Gosh!"


  1. Thanks for visiting me today. I made SPN Headlines the featured blog. You are certifiably insane in the most perfect of all ways!! ;-)

  2. You misquoted Reid. He said "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a candidate, OK. Do I need to say more?"