Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crist Continues Transformation: He's a She!

Miami Beach, Fl. - by Erica Bazoombas - Frustrated by his inability to gain support among fellow Republicans, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist changed party affiliation to Democrat last week. And SPN Headlines has now learned that the silver-haired sleaze also traveled to Oslo, Norway and underwent sexual re-assignment surgery in hopes of building a more diverse base.  

Crist, known for changing positions on crucial issues such as health care, abortion and iPhone vs. Android, told SPN Headlines, "I am the only politician who can now look at issues from the perspective of both a man and a woman." The flip-flopping floozy added that she was surprised at first with some of the changes. "I woke up this morning, reached down to scratch my balls, and.....well let's just say it was real WTF moment."


  1. Charlene looks pretty hot. I just might have to reconsider my vote.

  2. Oh no, his wife's no longer a beard

  3. How dare you do that to Emmylou? Seriously... couldn't you find a decent picture to use that didn't slander one of the most talented and politically beautiful artists in the world???
    Emmylou is a national treasure. Crisp is a clown... let's try to keep the chaff out of the wheat...

  4. Charlene is too nice a name to hang on the hairball Crist. boo lol