Monday, May 30, 2011

Palin Tattoo Session Goes Terribly Awry

Washington, D.C. - by Erika Bazoombas - Infatuated and intoxicated by the camaraderie, patriotic fever, exhaust fumes and more than a few Budweisers at the Rolling Thunder rally, Sarah Palin spontaneously ducked into a local tattoo parlor Sunday afternoon and asked for a "classic biker-type" inking on her derrière.

Sarah's Stamp
But Palin's staff should have vetted the tattoo artist more carefully, as she emerged from the encounter with a grinning caricature of the Devil on her toned, taut tush. Palin discovered ex post facto that Izzy's Ink Inc. is owned by Izzy Kwier, outspoken atheist, socialist, anarchist, and the best-selling author of What Would Hitler Do? "I let her off easy," Kwier told SPN Headlines. "I was going to draw Obama........nude."

Izzy Kwier
Palin will now resume her national bus tour commencing with Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Asked if touring New England was a sign that she plans a run at the Presidency in 2012, Palin replied, "Why would I go way over there?  They already have a queen!"

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